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One 21 Media
Social Media Marketing Agency


Digital Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Management

Pay Per Click & SEO Management

Content Creation
Here is where we have the biggest advantage over our competitors.


We believe that content creation is one of the most important and effective parts of marketing.


That is why our sister company (One 21 Productions) will provide you with the most unique photo & video content out there while our professional marketing team deliver that content to your target audience

Grow your social media presence, increase your following & expand your online presence

Monitor the progression and growth of your business in real time

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other "multi-media marketing" companies, our approach is quite simple. We provide you with a complete end to end experience.


Together, we will come up with an effective marketing strategy, provide you with unique high quality content, manage your social media accounts and ultimately, deliver an effective marketing campaign.

Ad & Content Creation

4k Video Production

HDR Photography

Consistent Creation

To keep your content fresh and up to date, we offer packages where a professional consultant will meet with you to discuss current deals, promos, products, sales, trends, etc. 

This will help promote your SEO, funnel in more business and ultimately lead to more sales.

Corporate & Small Business

Use video marketing to attract new clients and bring brand awareness in order to stand out.

Interviews & Client Testimonials
Leverage a marketing campaign by getting client testimonials & interviews to ad more credibility to your company

Drone & Real Estate
Research shows that 85% of buyers & sellers would prefer an agent who uses video. Only 9% of agents do... Homes listed with video get 4x more inquiries. Ultimately it saves time, money & effort with 1 click of the play button.

Product Demos
Product demos are one of the most common types of marketing videos. We make sure that your products marketing campaign is delivered to the right audience.

Music Videos
By having a music video it will boost an artists visibility, marketability & exposure all at once.

Fashion, Modeling & Lifestyle
Focus on your product or service using stunning visuals. Create a video that will inspire your audience, help communicate your brands value and motivate your potential customers to take action!

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